The residency program in my studio spaces in Miami, Florida, focuses on artists and creators who work with themes related to plants, the environment, and ancestral cultures.

The residency brings together artists for an exchange of knowledge, techniques, forms of creation and collaborative discussions for conceptualization of work that expands and disseminates knowledge of the plant world and ancestral cultures.

The objective of the residencies is to open a space for collaboration, creation, guidance, and development of projects that touch on themes I have worked on and researched throughout my career as an artist. The residency arose from a personal desire to share my skills and experience as an artist, and to encourage artistic practices that invite reflection on the natural world, collaborative practices, conservation of land and culture, and explore the link between art, science and history.

The immersive experience combines creativity and contemporary art practice and theory. In addition to studio time, visits to local gardens and nature areas will be provided. Additionally local artists will be invited to offer guidance on projects and other aspects of career development.


• Residencies last from 1 to 3 weeks and are offered twice a year.

• Studio space includes access to digital media equipment, sewing machine and tools, painting studios, and gardens.

• Artists may apply or in some cases will be invited.

• Single artists or a maximum of three artists simultaneously will be considered.

• Each weekday a minimum of 8 hours on site will be required, visits will also be made to cultural spaces, gardens and other venues related to the projects in development.

• The artists, in addition to being able to use my studios, can freely access the garden which has numerous species including tropical fruit trees and native plants.

• Visual arts, performance, installation, textile art and design, sound and audiovisual arts are encouraged.

• Residency artists must speak Spanish or English.

• Local guest artists will be invited to offer guidance on projects and other aspects of career development.

• Coffee/tea and snacks will be provided.


The fee for the residency is $200.00 US per week (a limited number of scholarships are available by invitation).

• The residence does not include local accommodations.

• Food, materials, plane tickets and insurance must be financed by the artists.

For more information and application contact:

Deadline for June residency is December 1, 2023.

Deadline for October residency is April 15, 2024.